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Concept Screen

The Link Arena

Multiplayer | Coop | Arena Brawler

Game Concept and Story

In progress, but on pause due to Hell Games 

TheLinkArena TheLinkArena is a cooperative cyberpunk-style arena defender. In addition to wave defense, we offer players a dynamic quest system and a unique skill tree that enhances the connection with the player and their link, unlocking powerful abilities.

With 'The Link,' we are creating our own world, and 'Arena' is our first installment from this world. The Link is set in a future dystopia where humanity can travel within our solar system, but has failed to keep Earth as a fully habitable planet. Our faction aims to make Earth more habitable once again and fights against its exploiters.

TheLinkArena TheLinkArena is currently on pause as we focus on other projects. However, we have a deep affection for the universe and hope to return to it at some point.

The prototype can be downloaded here .

Screenshots and Concepts

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