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4 Player | FFA | Arena Brawler

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Spielidee und Story

Knock out opponents with sports gear, power up, and strive to be the last one standing. The brawler is designed for up to 4 people, appealing to both new players and gaming veterans.

Devilish, unfair, and damn funny – that's Hell Games!

All fallen Olympians who cheated during their lives gather for the infernal competition in hell. With spear, hammer, or other sports equipment, four players try to eliminate each other. And because doping is not only allowed here, but also desired, 20 power-ups grant strength, size, or invisibility. In the end, the most unfair one claims the winner's crown. 

We're designing over 50 levels with unique gameplay mechanics, including unlockable gadgets. This way, newcomers to the 'Beat 'em up' genre can enjoy themselves easily, while experienced gamers can delve deep into the mechanics. 

Our goal: Setting Steam on fire in fall 2024!

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We announce all relevant news about the progress and release of Hell Games on Steam! We are excited to welcome you to our Steam family!


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