Voodoo Circus


Bally Roll

Mobile Game | Endless Runner

Game Concept and Story

Test Projekt, erhältlich im  Google Playstore von 2016 bis 2020

Roll, roll, roll your Bally, gently down the street…
Test your concentration and reflexes with this engaging and challenging 'Endless Roller.' Avoid pressing on white sections and instead tap on the black ones. Beat the high score by switching Bally's color at the right moment, boosting your combo points to achieve the ultimate high score. The pace increases if you miss the timing for the switch, putting your skills and speed to the test. Focus, rack up points, and be the best among your friends. Be Bally!

Bally Roll was our first collaborative game project. We experimented with mobile development and created this little pastime for the Android Play Store. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the Play Store

Screenshots and Concepts

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