• Game Development

    Game Development Do you need support for your game? Our roots are in the games industry and we love to work on interesting game projects. We can support you with coding, content creation, level design, game design and user interface creation.
  • Apps and Programs

    Apps and Programs Do you have a good idea for an app or a program, and need some support to realize it? Is it even in VR or AR? We can help you with coding, graphic design and with UI/UX design. Just give us a call.
  • Visualization

    Visualizations Static render images or dynamic visualizations of your project? We can do it! We have several years of experience in the render industry and with Unity, we can bring your project to life on almost every platform, even in virtual and augmented reality.
  • Education

    Education Need to educate your team? We are experts in software development, as well as in the tools Unity and VRED and offer education in those fields.
  • Consulting & conception

    Consulting & Conception It’s not always easy to keep up with the fast advancing technology. Do you want to know what’s possible and what’s not? Or do you need someone who can concept or organize your project? We are a technology focused company with years of experience in development and organization. Feel free to contact […]


Our Clients

Our Games

  • TheLinkArena


    TheLinkArena is a cooperative Arena Defender in the Cyberpunk style. In addition to defending incoming waves of enemies, we give the player a dynamic quest system and an unique skill tree, which improves the connection between the player and his Link and unlocks powerful abilities.

    We are creating our own world with “The Link” series and “Arena” is our first stepping stone in this world. It plays in an dystopian future, where human kind is able to travel in our solar system, but failed to maintain earth as a fully habitable planet. The playable faction wants to make earth more habitable again and fights against those, who exploit earth.

    2 Storyteller
    The Link Arena Logo
    Concept of a battlesuit
  • Bally Roll

    Bally Roll

    Roll, roll, roll your Bally, gently down the street…
    Test your concentration and reflexes with this fun and challenging endless runner. Get the Highscore: change Bally’s color at the right time to get the ultimate highscore. Speed up, if your transitions are not timed right, test your reaction skills and feel the speed. Concentrate and push the score further, be the best among your friends, be Bally!

    Bally Roll was our first game project together. We tested mobile development and delivered this little time waster for the Android Play Store. Want to beat our highscore? Then give Bally a try, we have a free and a paid version.

    Go get the Free Version
    Go get the Full Version


The tools we use

Visual Studio
Z Brush
3D Coat

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